Motor Monkey & Maker Mouse

It’s in our signs! Welcome and thank you for coming by to check out some of our posts! We started this blog/website to document and share our experiences as husband and wife/no kids as we journey through life together. Our experiences may inspire, encourage, or provide support to others on their journey. Hope you will stop by often!

Who is Motor Monkey?

Motor Monkey is “The Mister” in this relationship. He was born under the Chinese Zodiac sign, “Year of the Monkey.” His interests include cars, anything automotive, tech, and mechanical – hence the “Motor.”

Who is Maker Mouse?

Maker Mouse is “The Mrs.” – the other half. Although born under “Year of the Rat,” she felt “Mouse” was a much better choice of a word. And, “Maker” refers to her love of arts & crafts, especially quilting and knitting.


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