Dog Days – Part 1

Today is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Since I don’t have to work today, as I have Friday’s off, I finally get a chance to tinker with our site. The Mrs. is busy working on a quilt, I can hear her and her machine sewing in the other room. She’s been at it since this morning, working to finish a quilt so we can enjoy this long weekend together.

brindle boxer puppy for adoption
brindle boxer puppy for adoption

Being this is our first real post, I’m having difficulty deciding on what to write about first. And, how to organize our blog. Analysis paralysis! Somehow, I’ve come to a vision of how a new tv drama – or sitcom – begins, starts off slow, lots of character development, and hopes of everyone will like it before being written off.

Part of our morning was spent deciding if we wanted to adopt a dog we found out was up for adoption. A friend let us know their daughter was fostering and caring for a brindle boxer puppy that was abandoned and found inside a box in a trash bin. We saw the photos and just shook our heads at how a person could just do that to a helpless pup. Now, the Mrs. and I knew when we got married, we decided on not having children. And, lately, we have been in discussions, negotiations, “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s” about adopting a canine companion.

Well, after some viewing of Youtube videos of boxers of different ages, we realized a boxer when full grown would be too big for our small condominium dwelling. We would want to provide a comfortable home, and since we don’t have enough space or a backyard, the Mrs. and I felt three of us would not be comfortable. Thankfully, the friend’s daughter mentioned there are two others also interested in adopting, so we are hopeful the pup will go to a forever home. Our search for the ideal companion continues.